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Dr. Raj Sethuraju

Dr. Raj Sethuraju is an Assistant Professor in the School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice at Metropolitan State University. He teaches courses in Victimology, Restorative Justice, and Diversity Matters for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice undergraduates as well as a Community Building and Civic Leadership class for graduate students. He has over 20 years of experience implementing various Diversity initiatives in universities and colleges and in the communities that surround them. Raj also works and volunteers with various Restorative Justice nonprofit organizations in the TwinCities in Minnesota, including as the Co-Chair of the Criminal Justice Reform Committee with the NAACP of Minnesota. He has presented to Restorative Justice groups in prisons, is a trainer for the MNCOSA program run by the MN Department of Corrections, and is involved in training volunteers for other non-profit community Restorative Justice organizations.


Anika Bowie

 Anika Bowie is a fierce advocate for people of color who have been relegated to the margins of society.  She has focused on reforming the criminal justice system, impacting inter-generational poverty, and helping our community heal from historical trauma. She is currently the Vice President of the Minneapolis NAACP, served as a sworn Commissioner on  St. Paul's Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission, was a Smart Justice Ambassador for the American Civil Liberties Union, and  has operated as Project Manager for several large grants awarded to Darris Consulting Group. Anika earned a Bachelor’s degree from Hamline University in Criminal Justice and Sociology minoring in Social Justice. She demonstrates her passion for racial equity by leading projects that dismantle institutionalized racism such as Warrant Forgiveness Day in Hennepin, Ramsey County, and Dakota Counties. Anika has built a reputation as a community educator, organizer, and connector by nourishing the seeds of trust with government officials, community, and youth. 


Elizer Darris

Elizer Darris was arrested at 15, charged with homicide and eventually sentenced to life in prison.While struggling to find meaning and purpose in life,  Elizer found his voice after allowing himself to be mentored by other, older inmates of who he saw had towering characters. After many years of training and studying under them, he became a community servant and activist for his fellow inmates. This work informed his Servant Leadership philosophy. Elizer eventually fought to get his life sentence overturned on appeal and after serving over 17 years in prison was freed. Upon release, he founded Darris Consulting and began volunteering in the community and working in local politics, initially securing a field operations position for the Terri Bonoff for Congress congressional campaign in 2016 and as Field Director for the Nekima Levy-Pounds for Mayor campaign in 2017. He is a JDAI consultant and youth empowerment specialist. Currently, Elizer runs field operations for the ACLU’s Smart Justice campaign over the Twin Cities and is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and writer on criminal justice reform matters. His focus is in reducing mass incarceration.

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Presentations and Coaching

Personal Empowerment: Feel the Burn, Embrace the Fire

What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? What is stopping you from going through the fire to transform your life? This presentation is built on years working to develop myself into the type of individual who could be impactful and live a vibrant life even after being told I would die in prison.  I will teach you the Four Principles  I put into place that allowed me to thrive in and out of prison.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

 From personal to professional growth, DCG will to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you deserve. We do this by arranging private and  confidential interviews and conducting a personal leadership audit.  The results of the audit helps us customize leadership development sessions with you or your team.

Disrupting Mass Incarceration: 3D Strategy

In this presentation I unroll my 3-D strategy to dismantle the mass incarceration epidemic that is ravaging communities across our country.  This presentation will help to inspire or reignite fire for  anyone working at any  level within the criminal justice filed.  I have presented to correctional staff, law enforcement officials, criminal justice and sociology students, reentry organizations and to faith-based groups working to end mass incarceration. 


Motivational Speaker Elizer Darris Challenges People to Get to Their Next Levels in Life. "The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire".


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