About Darris Consulting Group

About Us

We are a collection of distinguished trainers, organizers, presenters and activators. We are deeply rooted in the philosophy of community empowerment and taking a community-centered approach. Our motto is:

Nothing about us without us is for us.

As nationally sought-after speakers and innovators, Darris Consulting Group consultants will bring even more vigor to your next leadership development event. Contact us, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs of your company, department or agency.

Our Offerings Include:


  • Criminal justice reform consulting with government partners
  • Community outreach and engagement 
  • Event management
  • Unconscious and implicit bias workshops
  • Motivational keynotes 
  • Personal empowerment workshops
  • Leadership development training

Our History

Darris Consulting Group was founded in 2016 by Elizer Darris who had just completed a prison term of 17 years after getting a life sentence reversed on appeal from the State Supreme Court. While in prison, Elizer fought to turn his life around and developed a passion for community service. Servant-Leadership became central to his worldview. The idea to form Darris Consulting Group was sparked in the deep recesses of the penitentiary. Elizer decided that he would create a business that would allow him the foundation to positively benefit the community he would be returning to and impact the criminal justice reform efforts that were sparking across the nation.